Bellicon Rebounder 39" (Folding Legs)

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Bellicon Rebounder 39"  (Folding Legs)


The compact "Porsche" of Rebounders For all those who love the amazing soft bounce and the feeling of flying combined with the efficiency of a higher G-Force than a spring based rebounder can provide. You want to choose the 39" Ultimate Mini, if you are under 5'8" or if you don't have the space for a 44" rebounder. The folding mechanism of its legs makes it easy to store it away.
Have you ever dreamt of the perfect rebounder: soft, strong, supple and quiet, crafted with care from the finest materials? Finally, your dream has come true! Swiss/German Bellicon rebounders are now available in the US. As a typical German object of engineering, the Bellicon rebounders are probably the most expensive rebounders on the American market. Their superior quality however allows you to enjoy an intense workout combined with gleeful childish fun!
High elastic bungee bands set the Bellicon rebounders apart. This unique feature makes the Bellicon ULTIMATE and ULTIMATE MINI the softest bouncing rebounders on the market - there's simply no comparison between the flexible, responsive bungee bands and the rigid metal springs that other rebounders feature. Additionally, the elastic bands are chose to the user's weight of up to 300 pounds, offering a truely customized rebounding experience.
Do labels like "made in Germany" and "Swiss quality" still have their place in our society? The Swiss/German company Bellicon justifies these preconceived ideas.
When you mount a Bellicon rebounder for the first time and start bouncing, you immediately feel that these rebounders are not just another ordinary piece of exercise equipment found in a sporting goods store. They are rather high-quality instruments that are the result of more than 20 years of thorough research and continual design improvements. If you enjoy quality, you can experience German engineering at it's finest. No wonder that Bellicon calls their rebounders "instruments": they are finely crafted and tuned to the highest quality of performance, similar to a musical instrument.
QiBounding highly recommends these rebounders, as to the present day we have never encountered any rebounder that was comparable in quality: They are quiet, stable, give a wonderful bounce and have a great design.
Materials used
Contrary to claims by a rebounding company which considers itself a competitor to Bellicon, the material used by Bellicon to construct the bungee bands for their rebounders does not leak Formaldehyde. On the contrary, the Bellicon bungee bands are certified by the European Union to be an agreed product for Oeko-tex standard class 1 (baby articles). That means, babies can put it in their mouth.
For a smooth and non-jarring rebounding experience, the frame, the mat fabric, the springs, the bungee bands - all need to be of the highest specification. To meet these needs, Bellicon collected the finest material worldwide and composed with it their rebounders.
  • The Frame
    The Frames are made out of high quality steel. It weighs about 30 pounds and is super robust.
  • The Mat
    The mat is made out of the best mat material worldwide: the famos polytpropylene woven mat "Permatron" - which Bellicon imports from the US. It comes in blue or black mats for the Dynamic and the Athletic rebounder and as black mats for the Ultimate and the Ultimate Mini.
  • The Springs
    The highest quality double coil springs, Bellicon is using, are imported from New Zealand. Bellicon's engineers found out how to give their rebounders the typical even bounce: They alternate between left turning and right turning springs.
    On the photo below you see on the right the special springs, Bellicon uses, in comparison with normal springs: Stronger material, double-conical shape, specially tempered surface. This ensures a rounder, harmonious oscillation and a longer life-span of the springs.

  • The Bungee bands
    The material of which the bungee bands are made of is certified by the European Union by the requirements for Oeko-Tex Standard class I (baby articles). Material of this category is material which can be used for baby articles (can be taken in the mouth). It is certified that there is no Formaldehyd in any of the components that form the bungee bands.
    There are three different strengths of bungee bands: medium (blue metal clip), strong (golden metal clip) and x-strong (red metal clip). According to the weight of the person that uses the rebounder and the way he/she wants to experience the bounce, we equip the rebounder with one of these kind of bungee bands.
Please be aware that the bungee bands on your bellicon rebounder will need to be replaced every one to two years depending on frequency and intensity of use. Please also note that unless this item is defective there is a 20% restocking fee and your refund will not include shipping.


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