Anthony Robbins Rebounding

The first time heard about rebounding was while attending a Tony Robbins event a few years ago. He was recommending it as a way to exercise and cleanse your body at a cellular level as well as a whole list of other supposed health benefits.

I am usually pretty skeptical about new workout contraptions, or any new product for that matter, but became a little bit more interested after finding out that although Mr. Robbins was recommending rebounders to participants of his seminar he was not selling them. It also looked liked it might be kind of fun.  So I made a mental note to look into getting one at some point in the future.

A few months later I was shopping for some gloves in a local sporting goods store and discovered that they had Mini Trampolines for $49.99. This seemed like a reasonable price so I decided to give one a try. I got the thing home assembled it and bounced on it for about five or ten minutes and hated it. The thing was nothing like what I had imagined; the mat was so hard it felt like I was jumping up and down on one of those blue mats from high school gym class.

Figuring that perhaps the thing just needed to be broken in or something and that maybe after using it for a couple of weeks it would soften up a bit I decided to stick with it. After two weeks of daily use the mat was just as hard as the day I purchased it. So I packed the thing up and took it back to the store for a refund. 

Not quite ready to give up I decided to do a little research. After shopping around a bit I discovered that there are actually dozens of different types of rebounders on the market ranging from the cheep $50 dollar model I purchased all the way up to some really expensive $500 dollar models.  I finally settled on a $250 model, the Needak rebounder I went with the folding version because I liked the idea of being able to tuck it under a couch when I was not using it. I also liked the fact that they offer a Money back guarantee on their rebounders. 

So about a week after placing the order I received my new Needak rebounder and fell in love with it almost instantly.  The bounce was a lot softer and actually reminded me of the big trampoline our neighbor had when I was growing up. I ended up liking the thing so much I actually purchased one for my mom who absolutely love it and most likely gets more use out of it than I get out of mine.

So to anyone trying to decide whether or not to purchase a rebounder I would definitely recommend getting one but I would spend the little extra up front and get a good one. 

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