Should I Wear Shoes while rebounding or Rebound Barefoot?

 The decision to wear shoes while rebounding or to bounce bare foot is matter of personal choice. However there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether to wear your shoes or not.

 First, if you have had any trouble with Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, falling arches or any other form of foot pain you may want to think seriously about wearing shoes while jumping. For people who have had problems in the past with their feet the extra support and cushion provided by a good pair of running shoes, combined with the soft bounce you get with a good rebounder will help to reduce any unnecessary stress to your feet.

If you don’t have foot problems, jumping on a rebounder with bare feet allows for better balance and control and can be a lot of fun. Unless you live by a beach and can go jogging in the sand there are not many aerobic exercises that can be done barefoot. Rebounding barefoot can help to strengthen foot muscles, improve circulation and improve balance.

If you have had foot problems and would like to try rebounding barefoot start out very slow and see how you do.  As always the most important thing while rebounding is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you ever feel any sort of discomfort in your feet or anywhere else it’s a good signal that you many need to slow down for a bit.

Happy rebounding!

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  • Rob Styles:

    I am starting weights, swimming, Simply Pilates With Stretchband, soccer, basketball, and trampoline workouts in the New Year. My pilates/trampoline outfit will be a white Acadia University t-shirt, navy Acadia University sweat shorts, and barefeet. Looking forward to it!

  • Hello,

    Rebounding in my case with barefeet, as I experienced, is completely unacceptable and dreafully painful. I am sweating just thinking about it! Why? Well, my podiatrist designed my ORTHOTICS FOR A VERY GOOD REASON!!! I NEED THEM! I weight train with Nike Air Flite, and walk and rebound with New Balance. If you have ANY PODIATRIC CONDITIONS, BE CAREFUL!! However, if I go slow, and rebound with a low height, them I’m o.k. Once I crank the speed, it pores bullets!!!! I like cardio so I like going fast.

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