Mini Trampoline Calories Burned

So how many calories does jumping on a mini trampoline burn anyway? The answer depends on how much you weigh. But to give you some idea of how much you can expect to burn we will use the example of a average weight man. A man who weighs 170lb will burn approximately 7.6 calories per minute while jumping on a rebounder. This may not seem like much until you compare it to the 5 calories per minute he would burn jogging. That’s a whopping 34% more calories burned per minute on jumping on a mini trampoline!

There are more factors to consider when choosing an exercise for weight loss than simply how many calories you burn. Arguably one of the most important factors is now much you enjoy it. By choosing an exercise such as rebounding, which most people instantly fall in love with, you are a lot more likely to spend more time doing it, which inevitably leads to more calories burned.
Happy Rebounding!

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