Does Exercising on a Rebounder Increase Bone Density?

Many people use mini trampolines because they are fun and the feeling of jumping and bouncing feels good to the entire body, but what may surprise you is the many benefits the rebounder exercises can bring. One of the benefits is the increase in bone density.

Astronauts use rebounder exercise, which helps to strengthen their bone density. NASA has found over the years that the exercise a mini trampoline can provide is better than walking, running, or treadmills. NASA uses the rebounder exercise during training and found it helps with increasing bone density. When astronauts go into space, the weightlessness their bodies experience can cause reduction in bone mass and rebounding helps to rebuild that loss.

Obviously, rebounding does indeed rebuild bone mass, which makes it an extremely useful to use because as people age, they lose bone mass and density. Rebounding is a low-impact and super fun way to increase your bone and muscle mass. The mini trampoline does not take up alot of space in your home, and it is the best aerobic workout you can give your body.

Lastly, the next time you bounce on your mini trampoline, remember, you are building bone mass and working out several muscle groups at the same time.

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