Why You Shouldn’t Get a Cheap Mini Trampoline

If you are planning to buy a mini trampoline, then you may come across rebounders that cost just $50 or less. That is a far cry from the the price of high quality rebounders which is between $200 to $400. It is very tempting to buy these rebounders.

But before whipping out your credit card, you should first know what your are getting yourself into. Health experts advise against buying cheap mini trampolines for various reasons. One of the issues that you should be concerned about is safety. Most cheap mini trampolines did not undergo strict testings. They are also cheap for a reason and that is because they are made from cheap materials that can easily break.

Most cheap rebounders are also not covered by any form of warranty, so if they break, you can’t easily find replacements for the broken parts. Using low quality mini trampolines does not only pose the risk of injuries, it can also have negative effects in your health in the long run. Many people who have bought these cheap reboundrers complain of experiencing backache and other health problems after using them for several times.

To get the full benefits of rebounding, you need to get a good quality mini trampoline. Some of the brands to look out for are Needak, ReboundAIR and Bellicon. You also get from authorized dealers to make sure that will get the real thing. Do not scrimp on money when it comes to your health. Get yourself a high quality rebounder.

What is the Right Price for a Rebounder?

One of the reasons why many people are hesitating to try rebounding is because they have the impression that mini trampolines are very expensive. But if you will know the many benefits that rebounding can bring and the importance of buying a high quality rebounder, then you will realize that the prices of most rebounders are justified.

Surely, you can find cheap mini trampolines being sold at department stores and run-of-the-mill sports and hobby shops. But these cheap equipment can cost you more in the long run. For one, they can put you at risk of suffering from injuries. You will also most likely miss on getting the full benefits of rebounding if you will use a low quality rebounder.

The reasonable price for a high quality trampoline is between $200 to $400. Some of the best manufacturers and distributors of high quality mini trampolines are Needak, ReboundAIR and Bellicon. Foldable and portable mini trampolines are more expensive than the other types. So if you are not planning to bring your rebounder on the road, then you should just get a non-foldable mini trampoline to save money.

Getting a mini trampoline may require you to make a significant investment but it is probably the best thing you can spend your money on. After all, isn’t your health worth the money? A mini rebounder will not only give you a good workout, it also promotes good health by stimulating your internal organs particularly your lymphatic system.

So if you are planning to invest on an exercise equipment, consider getting a mini trampoline.

What Can Rebounding Do For You

Don’t let the simplicity of rebounding fool you. This fun and easy-to-do workout packs plenty of benefits that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. If you are having second thoughts about this kind of workout then you should definitely read this post. Below are three reasons why you should seriously consider rebounding.

  1. Rebounding is an easy and gentle kind of workout. If you are advanced in age or if you have some form of injury, then you are definitely not suitable to perform traditional workouts. Rebounding is one type of exercise that is gentle enough for seniors and for those recovering from injuries. Of course, you don’t have to be old and weak to enjoy the benefits of rebounding. It is a flexible kind of exercise that is suitable for almost all kinds of people.
  2. Rebounding can tone and build muscles. Muscle heads will be delighted to know that jumping up and down a mini trampoline can help them get ripped. If you will add more resistance by using weighted belts or even a medicine ball, then you can maximize the muscle building benefit of rebounding.
  3. Rebounding can increase your endurance. By gradually increasing the time you are spending on a rebounder, you can boost your endurance effectively. After a few weeks, you will notice that you don’t huff and puff anymore while doing strenuous activities.

To get the most of rebounding, remember to get a high quality rebounder or mini trampoline such as Bellicon. Avoid the cheap yet poorly manufactured ones that can be found in stores.

Mix Fitness and Fun with a Mini Trampoline

If you think you cannot mix fun and fitness then you probably haven’t tried rebounding. Is there a more fun exercise than jumping up and down a trampoline like a child? Some people are not taking rebounding seriously. They think that trampolines are mere toys. Do not let the fun nature of rebounding fool you. This relatively new form of workout offers plenty of benefits for people of all ages, males and females. Rebounding is not only good at helping people lose weight, it can also fight diseases by strengthening the immune system and by reducing stress.

One of the best things about rebounding is that you can do it while doing other activities. For example, you can do rebounding exercises while watching TV or a movie on DVD. You can also rebound while listening to your favorite music. This means that boredom has no room in rebounding.

The different types of movements that you can do while rebounding also adds to the fun of the exercise. You can do different kinds of jumps. You can also add different arm movements while jumping. If you are creative, you can think of hundreds of exercises on a rebounder.

Rebounding can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Even grandpa and grandma can try rebounding. You can buy stabilizers to aid older people in jumping and to prevent them from falling over.

The choice of rebounder is very important. You should make sure that you get only high quality rebounder such as Bellicon to make sure that you get the most from rebounding.

Mini Trampolines vs. Other Exercise Equipment

People nowadays prefer to exercise within the comforts of their homes. But long gone are the days when large benches and treadmills were the in thing because now, people are raving about compact and easy-to-store equipment. They want a portable gym in their homes but because space is usually limited, especially if they are living in the city where space is an expensive commodity, a more compact equipment is the most ideal.

Perhaps the best small exercise equipment there is is the mini trampoline. Normally measuring from just 36 to 39 inches in diameter, this little equipment will not only keep you fit but will also provide you with the best physical exercise you will ever need. Some, like the Bellicon rebounder, even come with folding legs making them easier to store.

Rebounding, which is actually jumping up and down on the trampoline, uses the gravitational force to burn fats, tone muscles, strengthen bones, relieve stress and tension, and most importantly, to internally work on your body’s organs – lungs, kidneys, digestive, nervous and immune systems, etc. – in order to protect your body from serious diseases such as cancer and heart problems.

Rebounding is quickly gaining in popularity among the different age groups and social classes because it is a fast, easy and fun way to maintain good health and be physically fit. People have now realized that they do not need to bring home bulky exercise equipment just to be healthy because by using a mini-trampoline, they can have the perfect body, health and well-being they have been dreaming of.

Rebounding is a Fun Exercise

Many people have vouched for running as the exercise that is most beneficial to the body. What these people are not aware of is that it can cause more harm than good. Many experts now believe that the using a trampoline, more commonly known as rebounding, is the most effective type of physical activity because it improves a person’s overall health, well-being and physical body with less risk of enduring trauma or injuries due to high impact movements.

Rebounding is such an affordable exercise where one uses a simple trampoline such as a Bellicon rebounder and employ the gravitational force to do most of the work. And because rebounding routines are aerobic in nature, ten minutes of rebounding is equivalent to a mile of hitting the pavement. It is less stressful on the muscles and provides less strain on the joints. It improves balance and dexterity while internally cleansing the body of toxins. The health benefits of rebounding truly outweighs its fitness benefits so with each jump you can be sure that you are doing something good for your body.

You can start rebounding by getting on the platform and lifting one knee and then kicking your feet as hard as you can before bouncing up and down. Alternate your knees as you push them off the trampoline surface. If you’re using a large trampoline, you can choose to land on your feet or land on your buttocks. You can alternate this to give you more variety in movement.

As you jump up and down, you can stretch out your arms and wave them up and down as well. You can create just about any kind of movement with your arms. Just make sure that you do not strain yourself too much and that you work-out within your pace and level. Your level of exercise should suit your weight, age and other factors.

Improving Health with a Rebounder Mini Trampoline

One of the most pressing problems of today’s society has a lot to do with health. Many people suffer from so many diseases simply because of following the wrong diet and not doing enough exercise. Health preservation has been replaced with drug supplements which people think can improve their health. The problem can be solved with a simple yet effective exercise using a rebounder mini trampoline. When done regularly, rebounding can help an individual reap the benefits of good health and well-being.

Rebounding is just like any aerobic exercise but it makes full use of the gravitational force to help burn fat and effectively keep the body healthy. With regular rebounding, your body develops a strong immune system while flushing out all the toxins that have accumulated in the body. Apart from giving your body a good amount of energy and liveliness to last you one whole day, it also improves your blood circulation, enhances digestion and even benefits your nervous system. There’s no age limit to exercising with a rebounder mini trampoline and anyone can work at his own pace.

While a rebounding exercise comes with many health and wellness benefits, one has to perfect the body’s balance in order to completely take advantage of these benefits. One may start with a handle bar such as a Bellicon Stabilization Bar for support and then gradually let go as the exercise progresses. Since the exercise is very flexible, you can adjust the pace and level of exercise depending on your physical ability. Be mindful of your strength and from there you can increase your intensity as you see fit.

Looking for a Portable Rebounder?

So what rebounder/mini trampoline is the most portable?

There are a number of reasons one might want to have a highly portable rebounder. Perhaps your a frequent traveler and want to bring your rebounder along  so you can continue your workout routine on the road. Or perhaps your local gym offers rebounding classes, but requires you to bring your own equipment.

Here are a few thing to think about if portability is a concern for you.

First we will look at the Bellicon rebounder which comes in two sizes the 39 inch and the 44 inch. Now obviously the 44 inch Bellicon has some significant advantages to its littler brother. For example, because of its larger size, exercises like jumping jacks are much easier to perform. Also you will tend to over-pronate less on a larger rebounder. But that being said if you plan on traveling and want to take your rebounder with you  the 39 inch is going to be a lot more convenient. You will also want to get the folding leg version which will reduce setup time.

The second rebounder we will look at is the Needak. The choice here is actually pretty easy. The Needak soft bounce folding rebounder takes portability to a new level. On the needak folding rebounder not only do the legs fold but the frame itself also folds which reduces the size of the rebounder by half. After folding the whole thing fits into a convenient carrying case, with a shoulder strap for easy mobility.

Bellicon Rebounder Assembly instructions

When working on the rebounder legs, always do so in a comfortable manner so as not to strain yourself.  


Bellicon rebounder with screw on legs:

 What you should find in the box:

a)   The Rebounder frame with mat and bungee bands attached to it.

b)   A small box with 6 rebounder legs.

c)   A small plastic bag with 6 rubber tips.


Remove the box with the legs from its attachment to the frame (you can throw away the two bungee bands with which the box has been fixed to the rebounder frame) and open the box.

Also open the small plastic bag with the rubber tips and place the rubber tips on the closed end of each leg.

 Remove the safety plastic caps which are placed over each of the six threaded posts on the rebounder frame and carefully screw on all six legs. Be careful to thread them on gently before screwing tight.


Bellicon rebounder with folding legs:


What you should find in the box:

a)    The Rebounder frame with mat and bungee bands attached to it.

b)    A small plastic bag with 6 rubber tips.

c)    A small box with 6 rebounder legs.


Remove the safety plastic cap which is placed over each of the six leg posts on the rebounder

by pulling the leg down towards the center of the rebounder and lift off the cap.


When unfolding the legs, be careful not to pinch yourself with the leg. Hold the frame away from the post with one hand and lift the leg up and out with the other hand.


When folding the legs, be careful not to pinch yourself with the leg. Hold the frame and leg in the same manner as when unfolding the rebounder. Pull the leg out towards yourself and lower it.

44″ Bellicon Rebounder With Screw on Legs


Today we added the new Bellicon 44″ Rebounder with screw on legs. Other than the legs, which screw into place, this model is the same as the folding leg model. If you have decided to purchase a Bellicon bungee band rebounder and plan on leaving  set up most of the time this may be the best choice for you as you will save about $60 dollars by purchasing the non-folding model. As with the folding leg version you have your choice of bungee band strength as well as color and you still have the ability to break the rebounder down for storage by unscrewing the legs if necessary.   Follow the link below to learn more about this new rebounder.

Bellicon Ultimate 44″ Rebounder with screw on legs