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Why You Shouldn’t Get a Cheap Mini Trampoline

If you are planning to buy a mini trampoline, then you may come across rebounders that cost just $50 or less. That is a far cry from the the price of high quality rebounders which is between $200 to $400. It is very tempting to buy these rebounders.

But before whipping out your credit card, you should first know what your are getting yourself into. Health experts advise against buying cheap mini trampolines for various reasons. One of the issues that you should be concerned about is safety. Most cheap mini trampolines did not undergo strict testings. They are also cheap for a reason and that is because they are made from cheap materials that can easily break.

Most cheap rebounders are also not covered by any form of warranty, so if they break, you can’t easily find replacements for the broken parts. Using low quality mini trampolines does not only pose the risk of injuries, it can also have negative effects in your health in the long run. Many people who have bought these cheap reboundrers complain of experiencing backache and other health problems after using them for several times.

To get the full benefits of rebounding, you need to get a good quality mini trampoline. Some of the brands to look out for are Needak, ReboundAIR and Bellicon. You also get from authorized dealers to make sure that will get the real thing. Do not scrimp on money when it comes to your health. Get yourself a high quality rebounder.

What is the Right Price for a Rebounder?

One of the reasons why many people are hesitating to try rebounding is because they have the impression that mini trampolines are very expensive. But if you will know the many benefits that rebounding can bring and the importance of buying a high quality rebounder, then you will realize that the prices of most rebounders are justified.

Surely, you can find cheap mini trampolines being sold at department stores and run-of-the-mill sports and hobby shops. But these cheap equipment can cost you more in the long run. For one, they can put you at risk of suffering from injuries. You will also most likely miss on getting the full benefits of rebounding if you will use a low quality rebounder.

The reasonable price for a high quality trampoline is between $200 to $400. Some of the best manufacturers and distributors of high quality mini trampolines are Needak, ReboundAIR and Bellicon. Foldable and portable mini trampolines are more expensive than the other types. So if you are not planning to bring your rebounder on the road, then you should just get a non-foldable mini trampoline to save money.

Getting a mini trampoline may require you to make a significant investment but it is probably the best thing you can spend your money on. After all, isn’t your health worth the money? A mini rebounder will not only give you a good workout, it also promotes good health by stimulating your internal organs particularly your lymphatic system.

So if you are planning to invest on an exercise equipment, consider getting a mini trampoline.

Al Carter Talks About His New Book

I am working on a new book entitled, “The Methuselah Project.”  It is a book on how to live longer. The idea for the book came to me when I added another birthday to my stack of sixty-six previous.  I remember a statement in Dr. James White’s Book, “Jump for Joy” when he said, “Rebound exercise is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that science has found!” 


“Hey, I have a head start” I said to myself. “I have been bouncing on trampolines since I was fourteen.  If anybody has a chance to take advantage of this ‘Fountain of Youth’, surly I do.”


It was about a year ago that I read an article in the “Scientific American Magazine” on Longevity.  The author (I do not remember his name) stated that today there are people alive who will live to be 150 years old.  Am I one of them?  I will never know unless I try.  Even Dr. Arthur C. Guyton also gives me hope.  In his book, Medical Physiology, one of my favorite books, he states: “Each of the 100 trillion cells in a human being is a living structure that can survive indefinitely and, in most instances, can even reproduce itself provided its surrounding fluids contain appropriate nutrients.”


Experiments without number have proved the indestructible quality of life force of our cells.  One of the most remarkable biological experiments of the twentieth century was that of the French scientist, Alexis Carrel, who wanted to find out how long a group of cells would remain alive outside the body to which they belonged.  He put fragments from the heart of a chicken embryo into nourishing plasma in an incubator.  On the sixty-sixth day, the heart fragments began to show a rhythmic pulsating movement.  Carrel kept his piece of chicken heart alive for thirty-four years!  That is more than eighty chicken generations!  There were no signs of aging or degeneration.  In fact, that group of cells, to all appearances, could have gone on living forever.


This experiment, along with others just as revealing, indicates the cells of the body are as healthy as the fluid that surrounds them. 


There is no doubt that cellular aging occurs and that it accounts for most problems associated with old age and I certainly do not have all the answers.  But, while aging is very complex and certainly is caused by many mechanisms, the best-documented theory says that it results from free radicals - unstable oxygen molecules that damage cells and contribute to many age related health problems, these destructive molecules mostly form as byproducts of normal cellular metabolism, although they also form when external insults such as cigarette smoke and chemical pollutants enter the body.  The theory proposes that the radicals build up and progressively damage the essential molecules of our cells, gradually weakening us as we age.  Free radicals hit our bodies 10,000 times a day.  Adding insult to injury, these little molecules actually burn holes through the cell membranes.


Faced with the onslaught of malicious marauders, hell-bent on crippling our cells and mutating our cellular DNA, the cells of our bodies could use a little help.  That’s where antioxidants come in.  These common vitamins E and C and minerals such as zinc and selenium, help to neutralize free radicals.


Al Carter, Founder, Author

The Cancer Answer

Best Rebounder?

Of all the rebounders and mini trampolines on the market which one is the best?  Over the years quite a few rebounder manufactures have come and gone and a few have stuck around and risen to the top by developing strong reputations for quality and support.

  • Needak is currently the leader in the United States when it comes to quality. The Needak rebounder has become somewhat of a benchmark which other rebounder companies compare their products to.  
  • Not far behind Needak in popularity is the ReboundAIR rebounder.  ReboundAIR was founded by the popular author and Lecturer Albert Earl Carter. The ReboundAIR rebounder over the years has become an extremely popular rebounder and has one of the best warranties in the industry.
  • Finally a relative newcomer to the US market Bellicon with their innovative spring less design. Bellicon makes use of bungee bands rather than springs to attach the rebounding mat to the frame. They are already enormously popular in Europe and rapidly gaining popularity in the states.

Many people make the mistake of trying to save money by purchasing one of the cheap imitation rebounders found in the local sporting good stores. These rebounders are little more than toys and not designed or fit for serious exercise.  The bounce on these cheapo models and very stiff and it is very common for springs to break after only a few hours of use.

If you are serious about getting into rebounder you will save yourself money and time by spending a little extra upfront and getting a quality rebounder that should last a lifetime.



Needak Hard Bounce Rebounder

The Needak Hard Bounce Rebounder (NON – Folding) is an exercise trampoline with a high weight tolerance of 300 lbs, providing ample resistance for moderate to serious workout routines.  The permatron mat is strong enough to handle any workout regimen, and the frame and legs of the Rebounder are made from American Steel to ensure strength and durability during use. 


Trampolines can be incorporated into nearly any cardiovascular workout routine, offering the possibility for step and stationary jog exercise routines.  The Needak Hard Bounce Rebounder is designed to be low to the ground for easy storage and strong enough to handle any routine you design.  The hard bounce mat gives a solid base for firm resistance and allows for a fast-paced workout regimen.


Cheap Store Model vs Expensive Quality

Here is another question that I get quite often. Why should I spend $260 on a rebounder when I can go down to the local sporting goods store and pick one up for $60?

The answer is simple. There is a huge difference in quality between the cheep imported store model mini trampolines and a quality rebounder made by a company like Needak, ReboundAir, or Bellicon.

The first, most obvious and perhaps most important difference is the tension in the surface of the mat. Jumping on one of the cheapo models is a lot like throwing one of those two inch thick blue gym mats down on a cement or hard wood floor  and jumping up and down on it. As you can imagen this is extremely hard on your joints and back.

By comparison the highly popular Needak soft bounce rebounder feels very similar to jumping on a full size trampoline, obviously the scale is much smaller but the feel is very similar.

Another issue that people run into all the time after purchasing one of the inexpensive models is the things just fall apart. Most of them are imported from china and it really shows the quality of workmanship. It is quite common for the stitching around the mat to come out and attachment points to rep free on these models. Not only is this annoying it can actually be dangerous if it happens while you are in the middle of a workout!

The saying goes you get what you pay for. When it comes to rebounders this is definitely the case.