Jumping For Health

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Jumping For Health


Toil and sweat your way to fitness no more! Rebounding aerobics is here! A non-strenuous exercise system with more benefits than ordinary sports like tennis or jogging, rebounding makes exhausting workouts a thing of the past.


Inside these pages, Dr. Morton Walker details how this enjoyable activity has helped folks from eight to eighty enhance their health and fitness. What it did for them, it can do for you. Like many health discoveries of the twentieth century, rebounding aerobics operates on simple principles. With each gentle bounce you do, sixty trillion body cells are pitted against the earth's gravitational pull. This interaction strengthens every cell in the body while saving strain on its muscles and joints. The result is better health with less exertion. A rebounding program not only helps the body to shed pounds and tone muscles, it protects against cancer, heart disease, and degenerative diseases, as well. Called "the most efficient form of exercise yet devised by man," rebounding aerobics is an enjoyable and gentle promotion of self-healing that can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Never before has a health-building program been so much fun to do. All that's required is an inexpensive rebounder and the will to change your life for the better. So why not join thousands of health-conscious folks the world over who are putting gravity to work for them? Jump for Health! After leaving his highly successful seventeen-year practice of podiatric medicine, Dr. Morton Walker established himself as a major author in the self-help and wholistic health fields. Dr. Walker is an award winning professional medical writer. He has written over forty books including his most recent best sellers, The Yeast Syndrome and The Chelation Way, as well as hundreds of magazine articles. He is a highly sought-after lecturer, and continues to appear on TV and radio shows throughout the United States and Canada.

by Dr. Morton Walker DPM


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