ReboundAIR Soft Bounce Rebounder - (Folding)

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ReboundAIR  Soft Bounce Rebounder - (Folding)

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Build to last this high quality folding rebounder by ReboundAIR will hold up for years even under heavy every day use.


The ReboundAIR Half Folding Soft bounce Rebounder features wide belly springs which help to provide an amazingly soft bounce without sacrificing durability.
  • For its unmatched durability and UV resistance Permatron was chosen as the mat material.

  • ReboundAIR also features an innovative hinge design that has internal bolts which helps to keep the spring cover from snagging while folding the rebounder.
  • The high gloss enamel coated steel frame is practicably indestructible.
All ReboundAIR Rebounders come with a lifetime warranty which covers the entire rebounder to be free from defects in workmanship. As well as a wear and tear replacement warranty which will cover replacement of one full set of springs and one mat at no charge during the life of your rebounder.
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Diameter: ....... 40 Inches Height: ............ 10 Inches Capacity: ........ 300 pounds Weight: ........... 34 pounds

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Posted: 10/6/10
By: PT Sheri
I recommend the ReboundAIR to my clients for home use
I believe in the quality, ease of use, portability, etc and watched clients improve what we do in the gym by following up with rebounding at home. A ReboundAIR at home best "compliments" my clients goals in the gym and my job objectives with them. The stabilizer bar accessory is helpful to some, for starters. I personally enjoy working my abdominal groups using V-sits. Try it!
Posted: 9/24/10
By: Phoenix
Very pleased with product. I got over a plateau with the ReboundAIR
>>> shaking things up and shifting gears seems to work! I recently added the half fold reboundair to my fitness routine. I was starting to skip classes at Gold's and other jogging invites because of boredom. the reboundair was the shot in the arm I was looking for towards taking back my exercise routine. it's fun and provides variety at home. I also found my gym motivation returned somewhat because I started seeing results again, simply by adding the reboundair. I must have been on a plateau. I"m down another 4 pounds and will try to lose 4 more and maintain that weight for as long as possible, hopefully through the holidays.
Posted: 9/19/10
By: Motown May
Absolutely found the best mini trampoline. Will send as gifts to family.
I recommend the rebound air for all purposes, all ages and all sizes. This brand should be the one featured at the top of this site. I plan to purchase this half folding or the quarter folding rebound air as fitness / travel gifts for my parents and siblings this year.
Posted: 9/2/10
By: Previous Treadmill User.
ReboundAIR has the nicest ride (You won't be disappointed!)
Quiet, safe on the ankles (no pronation problems), and no loud, haunted treadmill. It is my impression THIS ReboundAIR has been perfected through many years of experimentation, thought and testing. I believe it was a bargain for the quality compared to the cost of treadmill, but still thought it was one of the more expensive rebounder mini trampolines out there. Then I couldn't believe some rebounder brands sell for more! why? I've tried two options and was convinced the ReboundAIR was the best even though it wasn't the most expensive. Well constructed. Fairly priced. I hope this helps you make a good investment.
Posted: 8/17/10
By: Not easily impressed
Impressed! Power of suggestion got this line, the ReboundAIR, in my club
I think I created enough interest at the front desk about my unit at home to cause my gym to purchase this line, or I'd like to think I was instrumental in their final decision.

I have more confidence in the half folding or standard non folding reboundair in a group setting than any other I've tried at friends houses, trade shows and stores.

I plan to sign up for the group sessions "Rebound AIR obics!"

You and all members of your family will not go wrong purchasing this one. If anything ever breaks (good luck doing that!), ReboundAIR Inc will gladly replace it.
Posted: 8/7/10
By: Sunny Valley Organic
I still remember taking the course from Al Carter back in the 80s!
I think that same certification is now offered by DVD set. (Not sure.) Helpful rebound exercise knowlege. Still a big believer and rebounding strong for 25 or so years on my reboundair model rebounder.
Posted: 8/4/10
By: Bouncin Buddie
My Autistic brother loves the ReboundAIR; one hour a day!
After half a dozen cheaper minitrampolines we finally found one that holds up. With the life time guarantee we know that we will not have to purahcse another one. Because of that, this is the least expensive rebounder on the market!!!
Posted: 8/4/10
By: Shirley R from PA
Customer service
ReboundAIR has incredible customer service. They are very nice and kind of the phone and willing to help you in any situation. Thank you ReboundAIR staff!!!
Posted: 8/3/10
By: DevinD-n-Katie
Discovered while rehabilitating my ankle - PT recommended
I suffered a severed grade sprain playing indoor soccer (turf notorious for twists). My Physical Therapist should be a distributor of the ReboundAIR, he has recommended patients to continue the healing process at home. After receiving instructions and with some care/patience, I am now following the DVD 3 X a week X 38 minutes! I feel great and can't wait to be 100% again. I look forward to returning to soccer and raquetball very soon. Excellent fitness and rehab tool! I was impressed by the rebounder's materials and the manufacturer's attention to detail.
Posted: 8/2/10
By: Ilario
!molto bene! this one is the high quality rebounder brand winning in western Europe
I am thinking Virgin Active clubs only carry the rebound AIR model now. It is also impressing Spain clubs and others.

I have a half-folding rebound AIR and can see why it gains approval and favor so quickly! Yes, the best value and return from $ investment.

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