The Cancer Answer

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The Cancer Answer


Al Carter in this book, The Cancer Answer, tells us: "Mass media feeds us. It feeds us every bit of information on a subject that 'they' want us to know.


Unless we have access to published scientific research or medical journals, the information we have received from the media on cancer is no different...."Cancer is a terrible disease. One out of every four of us will die of cancer." "Asbestos, PCBs, charcoal broiled meats, and tobacco are harmful carcinogens." We are not being told the truth about cancer. Cancer is not a disease; it is a naturally occurring condition. A healthy immune system is our only real defense against cancer. The answer to cancer has been staring medical science in the face for at least a decade. I'm sure the scientists know; because I know. It's simply been a matter of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. My Healthy Cell Concept does just that." Albert Carter and Larry Lymphocyte (a T-Cell) show you why the body is uniquely qualified to fight cancer. T-Cells eliminate cells that normally cause illness and disease. Understanding of the Healthy Cell Concept and how it supports T-Cells and the immune system is an absolute necessity. All research is thoroughly documented and any data presented has been confirmed by the likes of NASA and Hong Kong University.

by Albert Carter


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