Rebounding And Your Immune

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Rebounding And Your Immune


"Your immune system is designed to keep you healthy no matter what. It can defend you against cancer or help you heal from serious illness or the common cold." — Linda Brooks


In this book Linda Brooks brings us an up-close look at your immune system, edema, and your natural chelation system. Here is another concise 96 page book to add to your library on how rebound exercise supports you naturally. With an emphasis on emotional and spiritual connections, and success stories from many people who have benefited from rebounding.

Linda Brooks, author of Rebounding To Better Health and Cancer - A Simple Approach, gets down to basics in this concise book, she teaches you how your body's defense system works and how rebounding can boosts its efficiency, allowing your body to heal itself!

This new book provides an up-close look at the immune system:
• Why edema occurs and how to avoid its dangers…
• How rebounding supports your immune system…
• Your natural chelation system…
• Stress and lymphatics…
• Nutritional support for immunity…
• Emotional and spiritual connections to natural defenses…

by Linda Brooks.


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