The Ultimate Rebound™

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The Ultimate Rebound™

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The Reboundair Ultimate Rebounder is not your average mini trampoline. This exercise equipment is a durable home trampoline that is made of polymer composites for strength and portability. Rebounding is a complete exercise for the entire body on a cellular level that helps to strengthen and fortify the various systems and organs in the body, including the heart, lungs, eyes, and the bones. Rebounding assists in weight loss and is very low impact, which makes it a wise choice for safely toning muscles, increasing cardiovascular health and building the immune system. Rebounding can also help increase muscular balance and stability.

The Permatron mat of the Reboundair Ultimate Rebounder's exercise surface is strong and resists tearing and fraying. Each of the trampoline's 36 durable springs is connected to the frame and can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. The legs of the Reboundair Ultimate Rebounder unlock and can be folded against the frame, while the entire piece of equipment can be folded into quarters in order to easily transport this piece of home gym equipment.

This rebounder comes with a lifetime warranty that protects every component, including the springs.

The Ultimate Rebound™ weight loss package includes 4 FREE gifts with purchase:
. The Custom Carrying Case ($35 value)
2. Airport Pull Dolly ($40 value)
. "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD ($24 value)
. Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value)
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Posted: 11/3/10
By: Scott
Impressive! Muscles stimulated a lot more!
I was tested using an Ultimate Rebound to show muscle stimulation, and I was very impressed when compared jogging in place and rebounding in place. My muscles tested at least twice as stimulated as apposed to jogging in place! That's the way muscles grow bigger and stronger. When muscles are moved at different angles, their attributes are enhanced! Go Ultimate Rebound!

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