The Olympic Trainer

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The Olympic Trainer


If your goal is an Olympic gold medal, or simply to get into the best shape you've ever been in your life--the Olympic Trainer is for you!


Harry and Sarah Sneider have developed a simple system called "resistive rebounding." This program is used by world famous athletes, businessmen and women, housewives, children, retirees, and the disabled. Know the joy of reaching your maximum potential, excelling in your chosen sport and, best of all, enjoying life to the utmost, with the Olympic Trainer.

Harry Sneider, Ph.D. "Dr. Fit" is a world-renowned authority in fitness education, Olympic coaching, and is a world champion weightlifter. Sarah Sneider, B.A. is a nutrition and human development graduate and is certified by the American Council on Exercise. She teaches exercise and dance and does fitness testing. They are the owners and creators of this very innovative system "Aerobic Resistive Rebounding" and have been teaching rebounding classes for over 60 years combined. Thousands of students follow their fitness program worldwide.

by Harry Sneider


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